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0.005 ETH

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About TripAlly

Your strongest ally for a well-connected travel experience.

Key Statistics

  • Over 1.2 billion people traveled internationally in 2016.
  • Total annual growth in international travel is 4%.
  • 8% annual growth in international travel to Southeast Asia.
  • Travelers don’t want to: change SIM; Pay for Roaming, deal with Wi-Fi limitations; carry an extra device such as pocket Wi-Fi.
  • Travelers want instant access to Mobile internet as soon as they arrive. People want to share their travel experience instantly.

Without TripAlly

  • Shockingly High Connectivity Costs
  • Data latency and speeds are poor and inconsistent
  • Necessity to change SIM-card
  • Disruption of Your existing SIM-Based Services (banking, messaging, e- mails, etc.)
  • Need to search for “Free Wi-Fi” / Not secure
  • Extra devices – Pocket Wi-Fi
  • Waiting in lines, wasting time and local language issues

With TripAlly

  • Known Connectivity Cost
  • Reasonably Priced
  • High speed and consistent connectivity
  • Use your existing SIM-card
  • Your existing SIM-Based Services Work (Banking, Messaging, e-Mail, etc.)
  • No Need to search for “Free Wi-Fi” / Secure
  • No Extra Devices
  • No Waiting in line, No wasting time, No local language issues
  • Just like being at home

What is TripAlly?

Imagine arriving at your destination with instant access to internet on your devices, currency exchanged and your ride ready? With the TripAlly platform this stress free and streamlined arrival is no longer imaginary—it’s real.

TripAlly is Internet

Stay connected without changing your SIM: Worry-free Internet access with our affordable flat rate unlimited data packages.

TripAlly is Exchange

Currency confusions? TripAlly provides a clear picture of how much that local cash costs you with our currency pre-purchase option.

TripAlly is Transport

Taxi, Uber, train or bus? Apart from choosing the best getaway “car” from the airport, TripAlly ensures no nasty fare surprises.

TripAlly is Events

Explore interesting places, based on your interests, and never again miss out on events that you love.


TripAlly is Joy

TripAlly keeps all your purchases and bonuses in one place at your fingertips and provides personalized suggestions for you.

TripAlly is Tickets

Well laid plans can save you time, money and stress; pre-order attraction tickets on TripAlly.

TripAlly is Local Guide

You know you’ve gone local when...TripAlly enhances your experience by introducing your destination’s hidden gems.

TripAlly is Cryptocurrency Friendly

You can pay for services with the cryptocurrency AllyCoin.

The TripAlly ICO Roadmap

  • 2016 Q2

    Formation of the TripAlly concept, Research & Prototype Development

  • 2016 Q3

    Prototype tests in mobile operator network

  • 2016 Q4

    Development of the proprietary solution. Company registration in Singapore

  • 2017 Q1-Q3

    Negotiations with mobile operators and add-on service providers in several countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam)

  • 2017 Sep–Nov

    Pre-ICO and ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

  • 2018 Jan

    Listing ALLY at Exchanges

  • 2017 Dec–2018 Q3

    Complete development of the product, comprising a web-portal, mobile applications (iOS, Android), payments gateway and a high-tech proprietary solution, which will be deployed and offered to mobile operators

  • 2018 Q3

    Launch of TripAlly Internet in Asian countries (Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia)

  • 2018 Q3-Q4

    Launch of TripAlly Exchange, TripAlly Ride, TripAlly Tickets (beta versions)

  • 2018 Q4

    Launch of AllyCoin and AllyCoin acceptance test in 200+ venues in Thailand. Launch TripAlly Internet services in Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia

  • 2019 Q3

    Buyback program for AllyCoin

  • By year 2024

    TripAlly's solution to be implemented in countries designated as Top-100 Travel Destination Countries

Our Team

Our team has over 75 years of combined experience in the telecom industry with companies such as MTS Group, JSC SITRONICS, CBOSS, SOTELCO, NUR TELECOM, TELECEL, VELCOM, NAR/AZERFON, DIGICEL, BEELINE, VELCOM, VIPNET, SMART, FORS and others.


Aleksey Gordienko

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Co-Founder

12 years of experience in Finance, Real Estate and Telecommunications. Aleksey, a success-driven businessman with an entrepreneurial mindset, has ample experience in start-ups, joint ventures and launching new businesses.


Sergey Gordeev

Director of Business Development/Co-Founder

15 + years of experience in IT and Telecom with a focus on the implementation of new services, improving existing solutions, and revenue maximization. Launched telecom projects in more than 40 countries.


Sergey Zubkov

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)/Co-Founder

16 + years in IT, Consulting and Telecom Management across Europe, Asia, Africa and the CIS. His teams have launched well-funded mobile operators in multiple countries, including Burundi and Azerbaijan. Sergey’s expertise is optimizing operational processes and cost efficiencies.


Alexey Kuzmin

Chief of Development (COD)

12+ years of experience in IT and Telecom with a focus on software development and implementation of billing and invoicing systems. He is an expert in Interconnect Billing Solutions for domestic and international gateways and postpaid/prepaid billing integration in Asia, Europe and the CIS.


Milos Surla

Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer (CCMO)

19 + years of experience in mobile operations on key posts in this area, including CMO, CCO, and CEO of mobile operators in Europe and in the CIS. His consultancy experience also covers Africa and Asia.

How to use ALLY tokens

How to use ally tokens How to use ally tokens